The whole world has now turned into a digital community where people distant of millions of miles can communicate within a matter of seconds. Science and technology have completely transformed the way we avail of different daily-life services. Information Technology (IT), has created such tools and resources which have put the information of the whole world on our fingertips.

The Habesha Web provides one such digital marketplace for the Habesha Community where they can perform business online without having to physically engage in the dealings. They need not use older methods or word-of-mouth anymore for getting every small task such as looking for a babysitter, finding a roommate, or searching for jobs done. Instead, they could now log on to our website and provide their contact number. We would take care of the rest for them.

Why should you use The Habesha Web?

There are a million websites online providing a million services but the reason you should select the Habesha Web is pretty straight-forward. While other websites may be working for the sake of making money, we work to help the Habesha people grow as a community and promote their culture and traditions. We groom them in such a way that they are able to transform their old lifestyles into digitized routines. The Habesha Community can get any sort of guidance from the website since we work to make their lives easier without costing them a lot of time, energy, and resources. The website is also available in the Amharic language for people who are unable to understand English properly. Besides these, here are a few other reasons you should select the Habesha Web for all your social, marketing, and business needs.

Latest Information

We consist of a team of highly skilled and dynamic individuals working day and night to keep you updated on the latest market trends. You can log on to the website to get access to the latest happenings in the Habesha Community. You can also buy Habesha cultural items which are extremely rare and might not be available anywhere else on the internet. We act as a source of information for the Habesha Community. If you belong to Habesha and feel lost about anything, at any point, feel free to get in touch and we would love to help you.

Exceptional Customer Service

Since our website is aimed at helping the Habesha Community, we provide exceptional customer service for all our customers. We are a complete package for all your needs. We aim to help our local community by promoting products from the Habesha Culture to a wider audience online.

Highly Active E-commerce Store

Our e-commerce store is highly active and drives a lot of sales. If you get your products listed here, it can help you generate revenues and save on marketing costs since your products will automatically be marketed to the users of the website. We welcome sellers from all over the US to list their products on our website. Even if the product you want is not on the store, you can call us to place your request and we will get the product to you.

Other Services

Besides the above-listed services, we provide a number of other high-quality services in minimum prices to make sure that we add maximum value to the lives of the people from the Habesha community. These services include finding jobs/hiring employees, finding a place to rent/renting out your place, purchase and sell tickets for events, and a lot more. Keep supporting us and help us in the growth and development of the Habesha Community!

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